Rules Of Entrepreneurship – #10

Around 2:30 am I received a very disturbing phone call. One of my mentees had been shot in the face & robbed on his way home from work. (He’s in stable condition )
In the past 6 months 2 of my other mentees were murdered in similar situations in various parts of Philadelphia. (This senseless violence MUST stop)
These things have had me questioning the worth or purpose of mentoring programs in general. (Remember the other day I posted about remembering your “why” for what you do right?)
As I left the hospital today discouraged, I received a phone call from another mentee inviting me to the grand opening of his business that I inspired him to start and about 20 mins ago I received a phone call from a former student and his sister who I mentor. Both were accepted with scholarships to Morehouse and Spelman respectively.
The moral to this is that The ability to put life’s circumstances in perspective and its proper order is essential in order to make sound decisions. This is the remedial meaning of Overstanding. How you handle hiccups and impromptu interruptions in your daily life gives yourself and others a clear picture of who you are & why you are.
Stay The Course.

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