West Philly native Rashaad Lambert helping businesses find their place

West Philadelphia’s Rashaad Lambert has found his success by helping businesses, organizations and individuals find their success.

The CEO and founder of Sporty Marketing Group and TL Marketing Solutions has received numerous awards for his work in

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Interview-June 2016 Better Than Success Entrepreneur Service Award Recipient: Rashaad Lambert

Our first award goes to Rashaad Lambert of Philadelphia.  He is the recipient of the June 2016 Better Than Success Entrepreneur Service Award. Rashaad’s commitment to serving and giving back to the community is unparalleled. Recently awarded The 2016 NAACP Image Award for Community and Civic Engagement, his passion for helping improve his community continues to be the

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Founder Magazine Feature Article

When and how did you open Sporty Marketing & Consulting Solutions? Did you have funding, or start from scratch?
The idea behind Sporty Marketing Group came to me while on a field trip at a smorgasbord in D.C. I like the concept of being able to get everything you need in one place. Sporty Marketing Group opened in 2010. When we began, we were known only as iSpit Marketing & Consulting Solutions. We began with one client and absolutely no money. When I started this company, I was
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Since 1993


Have you ever heard of the kiwi bird? It’s that same bird that’s on the shoe wax container. It comes from New Zealand and is a very small bird that has a long beak. This poor bird has wings, but cannot fly. Picture this tiny bird running toward a California fire. Remember, it can’t fly, and it can’t see above the blades of grass. The kiwi will find out about the fire when it gets in it, burns up and dies. That’s a sad story, so let’s change it a bit…

The kiwi is running toward the California fire. It can’t see above the blades of grass but there is an eagle 200 feet above. The eagle sees the kiwi and shouts, “Kiwi! Kiwi! Stop! Stop! There’s a fire ahead!” The kiwi stops and the eagle saves the kiwi’s life. Why? A different point of view; a different perspective. It is important that you begin to see the eagle view in everything you do. When you rise to the perspective of an eagle, you will begin to see new truths about your future.


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